Here you can view and find out more about my short films. Enjoy!

All Piñatas Go To Heaven (2011) is currently screening over at the Virgin Media Shorts website as part of this years competition. Two piñata dolls meet at a Mexican themed party. Will love blossom between them? Or does fate have a more tragic end in store? Click here to view it. You can also visit the All Piñatas Go To Heaven blog here. It’s full of production photos, storyboard images, posters and a ‘making of’ video.

Thirty Years to Life (2011)

A husband kills his wife in a fit of rage. Will he give himself up to the police? Or if not, how will he dispose of her body? Very black comedy. Thirty Years to Life is about to hit the horror festival circuit.

Lowercase Kissing (2009)

The pitfalls of trying to flirt in a text message are excruciatingly deconstructed by two flat mates. Cringe-worthy comedy.

Cold Bloods music video ‘John Wayne’ (2008)

The Temp (2007)

It’s Adam’s first week at work in administration. The job appears as mundane as he’d expect, but there are strange goings-on that Adam feels compelled to investigate. Black comedy.

Commissioned Work

Shhh!… It’s A Secret (2010 – on behalf of the Wallace Collection)

Documentary for The Wallace Collection website. A small group of local school children undertook the challenge of creating and curating their own exhibition.

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