Why Didn’t I Post for Months? Blame Raindance

Here’s a post I should have put up a long while ago. Back in February I headed down to the Apollo Theatre in Piccadilly for a night with director Chris Thomas of Raindance on ‘Directing Essentials‘.

I’m going to take this opportunity to blame Chris for my lack of postings in recent months – that’s right Chris, you’re fault – definitely not mine.

The reason being that whilst I scribbled a whole ton of notes down – some of which I’m only just looking back on today, there was one thing Chris said that has stuck with me  and rang in my ears ever since…

“There are a lot of people out there trying to make a movie, but not so many trying to make a great movie.”

This was serious food for thought. I’ve been working hellishly to get my script working and get it completed, but had I stepped back and considered this?

For Chris, it’s all about “Approach” – its the essential ingredient to a successful film.

For me, getting the script complete and moving on to pre-production as early into the year as possible was of the utmost importance. But as I listened on that night, I started to think more about my story. Was it good enough? Could I improve it? The answer was a resounding “Yes!” Since then, I’ve gone back to the drawing board at least twice, and finally I started to carve out a story that I could really be proud of and most importantly, one that I enjoyed and wanted to see myself – because as Chris put it so well…
“You will not make a script work as a film unless you enjoy it first.
– Do YOU want to see this film?”

Raindance offers many courses like this one. What is covered in one evening is often just a taster to the more lengthy week-long or bi-weekly courses. These range in price, but on average cost around £350. If I had that money readily available and wasn’t trying to raise film funds, I’d be booking myself on them in a heartbeat – this is some seriously valuable film education.

The one-off evenings are priced between £15 – £40 and can still offer a huge amount of insight. Here’s a clip of Raindance founder Elliot Grove talking about the 99 minute film school. I’ve taken this class and if it’s inspiration and a kick up the backside to get out there and start making movies you need, look no further – they can even make you stop posting blog entries completely just to focus on your script – thanks Chris, no seriously, thank you. You can also find some of his film making tips here.



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