First Draft Finished


I write this having only five minutes ago finished the first draft of the as yet untitled screenplay. I feel both ecstatic and exhausted. It’s been a rather interesting process – a hundred and twenty pages of action and dialogue that had to be committed to paper in order to move forward. Along the way, I’ve had ideas, tried to jiggle the plot. Got myself lost up alleyways and trapped in corners. On most of these occasions I realised I should have just stuck to my index cards as they were the best guide to getting through it all.

I can already see the disjointed bits and plot holes – or just weird jumps from one scene to another, but that’s all okay, it’s just part of the process. To make up a weird metaphor (and hopefully not sound like David Brent), it feels like I just made a big pool of jelly; ideas and moments of dialogue all glooped together that have a connection, but are yet to become clear, defined and more solid – shall I show you my dance moves now?

Anyway, I’m off to not think about the script for a week or maybe two. Taking the advice of such great teachers as Elliot Grove and Syd Field, it’s time to take a break, go watch some movies and catch up on other things. Once I get that distance I can come back and start to move all those scenes and characters into place. – knowing me it’ll be more like a couple of days, but here’s hoping – I think it’ll make all the difference.

With the initial draft finished, I can also start to think about a production list and a budget (nails firmly between teeth). But I’ll save those jobs and worries for tomorrow!

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